Jaan Tollander de Balsch


2018 - 2023
Aalto University
Master of Science in Computer Science
Study track in Algorithms, Logic, and Computation
2014 - 2018
Aalto University
Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics
Minor studies in Computer Science


2021 - present
CSC - IT Center for Science

Currently, I work as an application specialist at CSC in the computing environments team. My responsibilities include developing and maintaining the Julia language environment, containerizing user applications, and improving user workflows on HPC clusters. Previously, I wrote my master’s thesis regarding monitoring and analyzing parallel file system usage on the Puhti cluster. As a trainee, I worked in the cloud team, which provided me with experience in CSC cloud services, the OpenStack virtual machines on Pouta, and the OpenShift container platform on Rahti.

Sebastian Von Alfthan, Kalle Happonen
2016 - 2021
Systems Analysis Laboratory

During my studies, I worked as a summer and part-time research assistant at the Systems Analysis Laboratory (SAL) at Aalto University. At SAL, I wrote multiple scientific software packages, including DecisionProgramming.jl, using the Julia programming language around mathematical models produced by the research group. Developing software packages included interpreting scientific research, designing APIs, writing documentation, and creating tests. We used GitHub for the centralized repository, GitHub actions for automating testing, and document deployment to GitHub pages. I also have experience in Python, but I prefer to use the Julia language for its superior performance and modern features for scientific computing.

Fabricio Oliveira, Anton von Schantz


Natural Languages
Finnish (native), English (professional)

Computational Science
Technical computing, Parallel computing, High-performance computing, Mathematical modeling, Optimization, Algorithm design, Logic, Data analysis

Julia, Bash, Python, C

Software Engineering
Linux, Git, Ansible, Docker, Apptainer, Podman, Lmod, Slurm

Technical Writing and Communication
Markdown, Static websites, LaTeX

Developer Tools
Terminal, Neovim, Tmux, Nix


I write about programming, mathematics and productivity on my personal website.

You can find open-source projects and contributions on my GitHub profile.

I create video tutorials about programming on my YouTube channel.


Foundation in IT Service Management according to FitSM-1 V3


You can contact me via email.